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You can host node.js apps in almost any PHP shared hosting


Jul 3, 2017
You can host node.js apps in almost any dirt cheap PHP shared hosting using node.php

Ever wanted to deploy a node.js web app but didn't have money for a dedicated node.js hosting or didn't have time to set up a cloud PaaS? Have an existing PHP shared hosting based on the LAMP stack? Now you can run node.js on top of it!

The node.php script installs an official node.js package, starts a hidden server on localhost:49999 with provided JS file and proxies all requests to it.

Warning! This is an alpha version, it may be insecure, run it at your own risk!
A PHP web hosting based on Linux with safe mode off and the following functions enabled: curl_exec, exec, passthru.

How to run
  1. Put the node.php file in your public_html (or similar) folder, then install node.js by browsing to: http://example.org/node.php?install.
  2. When succeeded, install your node.js app by uploading its folder or using npm: http://example.org/node.php?npm=install jt-js-sample.
  3. When everything goes fine, start your node.js instance by going to: http://example.org/node.php?start=node_modules/jt-js-sample/index.js.
  4. Now you can request your app by browsing to: http://example.org/node.php?path=optional/request/path. This will return a response from the running node.js app at
  5. Finally, stop your node.js server by loading: http://example.org/node.php?stop.