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Worst Advice You've Ever Heard About Blogging

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May 17, 2017
They are a lot of advice bloggers get from different people, people give crazy advice to upcoming bloggers which most times scares them. I am going to list out few advice which you hear everyday and you are not obligated to follow them.

1. You must post everyday
This is the worst advice ever because not everyday you are inspired to write. Sometimes you run out of topics that's why you should have a plan of writing like 3times a week depending on you. Read how to schedule your post as a student here.

2. Focus on SEO
This isn't a bad advice but focusing on SEO without quality content is waste. Read how to write that perfect post here, You need the two to be successful in the industry.

3. There are many too many bloggers
I hate it when someone says that, although yeah they are right, there are too many bloggers but that shouldn't stop you because your uniqueness and creativity will make you standout and successful in no time.

4. Blogging is a quick source of earning
This is what makes new bloggers expect to start earning in two weeks, they start looking for AdSense. Read how to get your blog ready for AdSense. Blogging is a good source of earning but it requires patience.

5. You need to know how to code
Damn!! This annoys me most I can guarantee you that most successful bloggers you know today have no idea what this code
<?php require_once( 'pearstep.php' ); ?>
means or does. So don't let that discourage you, if you have any issue that requires coding you can always ask the experts for help.

Remember PearStep Community is always here to make your blogging career easy and less stressful with our tips and guides.