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why your blog and blogging style should be unique in 2018

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May 17, 2017
Hmmm Christmas is almost here..... Wow I'm so happy lol

Its been a while I've been on pearstep but I'm back now, thanks to all that was keeping the forum updated @вє๓є @abdegenius I thank you guys most especially....... I was expecting my Alexa to drop but It didn't.... Thanks once again.....

In the past few months, weeks and days, I have seen a lot of blogs fallen due to poor/bad strategy. Why should a new blog be focus on money? Worst of all not able to write quality contents, they copy and paste now it brings their downfall but hey! Don't shut down that blog, instead dust it and come up a new strategy. Read about this dad that became a successful blogger.

Uhmmm! I guess I'm talking too much, let's go to the main topic "why your blog and blogging style should be unique in 2018".

They are tons of reasons why you should change your blogging style in 2018, as I have noticed the competition in the entertainment niche is too much and the top blogs are not creating space for new blogs. Technology is also competitive but not as entertainment niche, I'm not saying you can't make it in the niche but your chances are very low if you don't have enough money to fund it. Anyway I am going to list out few ideas you can follow to make blogging in 2018 a successful one.
  • Don't blog because your friends are blogging, you might get frustrated along the way because its not just writing and submitting post. Its not as easy as it looks or as people say.
  • Avoid choosing niche that has too much competition and also avoid choosing niche that people are not interested in, this is confusing I know lol. That's what we see in the blogging business.
  • Don't copy and paste, many people don't adhere to this and its the beginning of their downfall. You can't outsmart Google bot, they know where they saw the post first and the time it was created, so avoid this so your seo won't be affected.
  • Like me forget about making money with your blog just be focus and creative, you will be surprise when people start messaging for partnership.
  • Think big, don't think small but move small, don't move big.
  • Always have a mentor, don't be like that guy that says he knows it all, have a mentor that will guide you whenever you are lost or join forums and be active.
That's all I can write, they are many I wish to write but I don't want this post to be long. I'm sure with these ideas blogging will be fun. I think you should read this written by @abdegenius

Anyway its good to be back and Merry Christmas in advance.