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Idea Ways to earn as a blogger

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May 17, 2017
Monetizing a blog is what all a bloggers are interested in but most people don't know the best ways of monetizing blogs. Some ask me how to monetize blog apart from AdSense, which means most people think AdSense is the only way to monetize and earn with their blog. Well I am going to write about the best ways to monetize your blog and make good money from it.

Affiliate Marketing
This can earn you very huge amount in a month if you have very good and huge traffic in your blog. Read about the best affiliate programs here.

Google Adsense
As most of you know Google is the best way to monetize your blog but not the only way. They are many advertising companies out there that are very good like media.net. So you can choose from any of your choice.

Sell Products
You can sell products in your blog like eBook, scripts, themes or anything, just make sure the products are something people wants to buy.

Sponsored/Featured Post
You can create sponsored or featured post in your blog for a fee. Sponsored posts are sticky post in your blog that all your guest or visitors can see in any part of the blog, so you can do that for people for a fee.

Sell ad space
You can sell ad space in your blog, its more like direct advert whereby you set your advert rate and people pay for it. This is very good when you have huge traffic coming to your blog.

Become a freelancer
You can offer your services in your blog so people can hire you for jobs. Tell your visitors what you specialize on, what you are perfect on. Trust me one day someone will contact you for your services.

Create a membership section
You can create a membership section where only members can view and participate in. Also try to make visitors have a glimpse of what is going on in the membership side so they will be moved to purchase your membership plans and participate too.

These are ways you can earn as a blogger, so don't put your hope on one place.