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Trail of tears.. How did i do?

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Jul 25, 2017
Trail Of Tears by *Nicki thee Crazie poet*.

On the harmless dry
Yet cracked Earth lies
Trails of my seeming endless years
From sore stricken eyes
Through memory lanes I sulked
Reminiscing all the fare years
We spent together as twain
Now of which misery’s train
With my scalded eyes look I
At nothing but a patched minor
Doth blood flow in my skin?
Am I, a Bathubi, not human?
A Peasant daughter I was called
In your very before
You listened and did nothing
Arrows laced with poison
Were “arched” at me
From their oracle archers
To stand by me you Promised
That I never behold you do
No my heart is pained and “ached”
Being of the Bathubi clan
Me never qualified for insults
Shot at me with laced arrows
I of the Bathubi clan
I be human
Heaven on Earth you promised
That, you never fulfilled
A poor thing I was labelled
By your no greater mother
Of you I remember
How my name was drowned in honey?
Now I be called a witch
By thy most “noble” sister
Milk and honey you promised to give
Were they the “arrows” I did receive?
O! Darts of poison were they
Wounding the entirety of my soul
An illiterate called they me
Ah Me! The last of my kind?Illiterate?
My did gave way
Trails of tears streamed rapidly
My culture abased they?
How dare they?
Term me barren?
Though the “arrows” strikes
My pure tender heart
Yet will I be unhurt by them
My mind is made up
Against you and your kin
Away with your wealthy, useless self
Grope out of my life
Grope out griming toothed teeth
I need not poisoned darts
To hurt my bleeding heart
My life leaves in humble peace
Go to now your up-jumped parents
Who deemed themselves saints.
Good bye