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May 17, 2017
Case Study:
ShoutMeLoud.com made $52,434 in the month of July 2017 with a full detail of their income report on their site. ShoutMeLoud is a blog dedicated to teaching people how to earn online. We have blogs that make much more than ShoutMeLoud, there are blogs that even earn in hundreds of thousands of dollars in blogging monthly. Don't even doubt it. This one is just for reference purpose.
Blogging is actually a business system for making money, if done with dedication and understanding rewards financially.
If you have any doubt concerning making money by blogging irrespective of your experience please throw it into the trash bin. Not just money is made through blogging, crazy money is made through blogging. We have bloggers that earn more than the collective presidents of West African Countries in actual salary. Stupendous money is made but based on hardwork, patience, study and diligence in the art and science of blogging.
The biggest mistake people make when starting a blog is to think of blogging as the work of only hiring a web designer to design their website and pouring in all manners of content hoping to make money.
In making money from your blog you need more than a website designer, you need insight from successful bloggers, media and online business consultants, growth hackers, and digital marketers whose insight in online business and blogging worth a goldmine to you. You need to develop a sound, practical and robust online business model and plan which will serve as blueprint for the blogger, web designer, manager, content writers and others concerned to follow course.
How many bloggers actually sat down to create an online business plan that depicts how money will be made from the blog and the strategy that will activate the plan to success before actually embarking on developing and starting the blog?
Blogging is serious business, a lot of diligence, planning, business strategy and envisioning goes into making your blog a business that brings income.


The first place to start is to develop an online business model and plan you will follow. For me it, took me almost 2 months to get my online business model right.
To monetize your blog, your online business model for your blog must be clearly divided in two, they are
  • Support
  • Services
1) For Support:
This aspect of your online business model establishes and spells out the specific ways you plan to help your audience, visitors and the online community with your blog. For my blog which is web support based, gives support to bloggers, webmasters and online entrepreneurs in the aspect of
  • Web optimization: scaling
  • Growth Hacking: growing
  • Web guide: process
  • Online Enterprise: monetizing
Please don't follow my plan, i am just using mine as an illustration, you can copy my monetization system but follow your own plan base on your passion and vision for online business and blogging.

Your online business model must also include the services you will SELL to your audience.
Let me say this before i continue...
If your support is not excellent your service will fail or suffer low patronage, so focus more on giving excellent support in your blog through quality contents offer like videos, texts, podcast and responding excellently to questions or request in your comment box, with the aim to really helping people.
It will also be a bad business plan for your blog to give excellent support but no service offer in terms of consulting, freelancing or otherwise.
The monetized areas of your blog in your blog business plan are the aspects that offers services such as consulting, freelancing, affiliate products and others which I will disclose the major ones here later.
Don't forget that most part of the services you offer must co-relate with the type of support you give on your blog. Support creates professional trust that establishes credibility for others to engage and buy your services. The level of support you give affects the level of patronage for your service that you get.
For me, the business model of my blog service offerings are:
  • Web base consulting & Freelancing services
  • Web centred affiliate resources for setting up and optimizing websites and blogs.
As I said earlier, follow my monetization model but follow your passion and plan. Be Yourself.


You need to carefully and thoughtfully choose your blogging niche or simply the market you will serve.
Some niches to choose from but not limited to these are:
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Music
  • Personal development
  • Digital publishing
  • Email marketing
  • Online business
  • Dating/relationship
  • Weight loss
  • Health
  • Blogging
  • Nutrition
  • Politics
  • And many others.
Your blog cannot be jack of all trade where anything goes. No! streamline to one or two niche which your blog will focus on. Let your passion dictate for you the niche to choose. All niche are profitable but some are more profitable than other, you get the gist.
Niche choosing is important for your blog monetization because people buy professionalism, therefore you need to be seen as an authority in a way before people can trust you with their money. Establishing authority is very important, that is why you need to choose an area of authority called your niche.


If you are going to make money from your blog, getting huge traffic to your blog must be a daily agenda and work. Traffics bring visitors, visitors become fans and audience and then they become clients who buy from you online. The monetization process all starts from bringing them to your blog. And the best method of bringing traffic to your blog is to produce quality and really helpful content that solves real problems for people. Another way is give crazy offers through targeted advertising. The best medium for targeted advertising right now is Facebook advertising. You can also get traffic though links, search engines, forums, content promotion platforms like Quora, etc.
Work on your traffic generation plan, don't leave traffic to chances, be proactive with increasing pageviews of your blog.
"What is unseen counts for nothing" Roberts Greene, 48 Laws of Power.
Do everything to be seen and make the traffic generation count by building a blog with the right business model for converting audience to sales.


There are different monetization plan you can initiate into your blog.

1. Affiliate Marketing:
this is the hottest and most popular monetization method. Affiliate marketing is all about earning some commission for selling products of other online platforms. Do further studies about affiliate marketing and the best ones to join for your niche. For example, out of $52,434 made by ShoutMeLoud.com as income, a whooping $39,787 of their income source came from Affiliate Marketing.

2. Online Courses:
you can start an online course which people can pay to enrol to learn from you, again how your blog is able to support your visitor tells them how trustworthy your premium programs can be. To set up your online course you can check
  • udemy
  • teachable
These two third party platforms can help you set up your own online course and provide the tools to educate your students, they also handle payment processing.

3. Membership Section:
this is a type of monetization plan where you give privilege and certain access to certain products or contents to only those who have subscribed as members in your blog. Create a members-only area in your blog. Read more about it. Use a platform known as "Memberful" to create a membership section.

4. Advertising:
this include direct advertising, google AdSense, and other PPC & CPC advertising plans. Warning! don't flood your blog with adverts. Only give strategic places for adverts.

5. Content Monetization:
by signing up for stackcommerce affiliate program you can marry good content with relevant products that can sell through your content and make you money.

6) Ebooks:
Ebooks are a great way to sell and monetize your blog. You can create fantastic ebooks on hot topics in your niche and offer them for sales.

7) Freelancing:
you can offer any type of freelance services to people, e.g. web design, writing, SEO, social media marketing in your blog, designing etc.

8) Consulting:
your professional experience is money, offer consultation services in your area of professional blogging. Make it known in your blog that there are certain consultation service you render. Just do what is convenient for you.
Find the best monetization plan suitable for your blog and initiate them in your blog.
Don't forget this: make your blog a heavy platform for supporting people in the niche you belong, your business profitability is based on it.
You can mention other monetization methods for blogs in the comment area for others to learn about.
I hope this helps.

The author @DejiSotonwa is a media consultant for web development, online business, content, branding & print. He is also a wordpress enthusiast.

Please Mr @DejiSotonwa make yourself recongnizeable in the community so we can know you better... Thanks for this wonderful write up.
Aug 18, 2017
This is a wonderful post, and I thank you for it. I think I am okay on step two, and I have a good product. I am still struggling with monetizing my blogs in terms of getting the ads to start getting traffic and to pay off. Your suggestions here are very useful, and I plan on using them as one of my models as I proceed.


Aug 12, 2017
This piece is quite insightful and educative. Blogging is a serious business, people fail because they took it as a child's play.I love this explanations.