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Online security tips every girl should know


Jun 22, 2017
You may not be able to carry pepper spray online to protect you against the threats that prowl the net. You may not also be able to see them physically but trust me, they are real and can translate into this world that we live in and cause harm.

The internet is such a vast place and there is a whole lot of threat lurking in there, I am not just talking about viruses and spyware. I mean real threats of people scamming you, kidnapping you or even worse. We all heard about the Evans guy who is reportedly a kidnapper who preys on his victims via their social media activities. This is a first class example of how dangerous that virtual world of the internet can be.

The reason we ladies have to be particularly careful with our activities online is that we are easy preys, especially those of us that love taking pictures and can be curious to a fault. This is not to say that there aren’t guys whose love for pictures can lead them to trouble but then, we are the selfie queens. We love to document moments and show the world just how much of a slayer we are.

These are all good but potentially dangerous because as you take your pictures, your background and even captions give away a great deal and you never know who might be watching. The information you spread out online are like bread crumbs that will lead any criminal with a smartphone to you.

Thus, be careful how often you take pictures and choose the wordings of your captions carefully so they don’t give away too much. Beware of the sites you visit; you just might be a click away from a spyware that someone may use to get information for money extortion money. Also, never click on e-mail attachments from people you don’t know.