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Obvious reasons why your blog stopped being indexed by Google

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May 17, 2017
Here is another tutorial from PearStep Community, are you wondering why Google stopped indexing your post even after using fetch as Google?

Well worry no more because this is a blogging community where you get solution to your blogging problem.

There is nothing like searching for your post on Google and you see it, it makes you happy and makes you want to continue but as time goes on and you start noticing your recent post are no longer being indexed by Google, you become worried and start searching up and down for solution, first thing you should do is check if your domain has been banned/blacklisted How To Check If Your Domain Has Been Blacklisted From Google Adsense And Google Search | PearStep Community if no then these are probably the reasons.

1. Googlebot saw Noindex in your template or post.

2.You didn't set preferred URL. Let me explain this "Google sees http://psexample.com and http://www.psexample.com as different blog, to Google bot they are two different domain, so Google tends to stop crawling it when they notice they are the same content, thinking its different URL copying each other.

To fix this in your search console or popularly known as Google webmaster add your URL with www. and without www. then verify both of them, now open one of them, click on the settings icon -> click on site settings, then choose how you want your domain to be either with www or without www, then Google will know its one domain and start crawling the one you selected as preferred domain.

3. Your blog is slow, you don't expect Google bot to sleep in your blog because it has other blogs to crawl. So if your blog its slow it will just craw the few it can and leave instantly to other blogs. You may find it difficult for your blog to be crawled because Google bot won't want to come back again so you won't waste its time. You can read How to speed up your blog and make it seo optimized | PearStep Community

4. Your sitemap sometimes can be the cause of it, so when you notice your blog no longer gets indexed, first remove your sitemap and generate new one and add it again then give it days to monitor it.

5. Sometimes we tamper with our robots.txt without knowing. Make sure your robot text is not blocking Google bot.

Example: User-agent: Googlebot
Disallow: /
Make sure there is no "/" in disallow like the example, it blocks Google not from crawling your blog it will only see your post but can't crawl it.

These are probably the reason your blog stopped getting indexed by Google. If they are more which I didn't write you can share because we are all here to learn and if there is any you don't understand please do let me know, I will assist the best way I can.