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Languages To Learn Before You Can Become A Web Developer


Jul 3, 2017
Many people want’s to become web designer but they don’t know which language’s they should be knew for become a web designer. That’s why they chooses wrong language’s for learning. After some time they realise they were wrong but that time they lost many time for learning that’s why many people does give up. I will recommend you that if you want become a web designer then don’t become web developer. Just improve you designing skills and go ahead. Anyways we are talking about web designing language’swhich you should choose for become a web designer. So let’s start talking about web design languages.


First question is what is an HTML? Html is a Hyper Text Markup Language. Html uses for creating web pages. It a very important language for starting you web design career. If you don’t know html Language then you can’t learn anything about coding etc. html language is very easy for learning. You can learn from w3school.com . now there is new version of html that calls HTML.

2. CSS

Our second language is CSS. CSS is a cascading style sheet. CSS uses for making beautiful . I mean giving color, font size, like many things. So CSS also Important for become a web designer.

3. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language. JavaScript uses for making effective and creative web pages. If you want to create forms and any programming feature then you can create easily with JavaScript. It’s also important for become a web designer. Some people says that java and JavaScript are same language.

4. jQuery

jQuery is a most popular language for becoming a web designer. jQuery is a short language of JavaScript. Suppose in JavaScript you write a code who are 10 lines. That same code you can run 3 or 4 lines. If you can learn JavaScript then don’t worry about jQuery . JavaScript and jQuery are same. When you will go to the job interview . first thing they will ask you that do you know jQuery? Because jQuery is a most important.

So These languages are most important for become a web designer. There are more languages like php, mysql etc. but if you are you beginner then you should start with these 4 languages.