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Is blogging still profitable?

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May 17, 2017
Many people have been asking is blogging is still profitable? The answer is yes blogging is still very much profitable. Just because you search on search engines and see thousands of blog doesn't mean is not still profitable and you can't make it. Before going into blogging I always advise people to yourself the reason why you want to blog and what have passion for blogging, if you can answer it then you will be successful.

Everyone knows to make it you have to be unique and different but when you want to write about a topic you find out it has been written thousand times then you give up, don't do that because it only means you are not creative.
There is nothing you want to write about that has not be written, all you have to do is read different people's post and make it unique with your idea and people might like yours more than others and bookmark your page.

Can someone make it big in blogging? Yes you can they are thousands of affiliate programs and advertising networks out there looking for publishers, even till today Google AdSense still needs publishers all you have to do is to be creative, work on your traffic and seo. About blogging platform I wrote about it here for newbie so can choose your choice.

How can I make money with affiliate programs?
Affiliate programs can fetch millions in a month depending on your traffic, and the type of niche you are into. You can't be blogging about technology and be advertising educational affiliate program, it won't work well for you. So you can choose affiliate program concerning your niche, I have written the current best affiliate programs and you should read it here.

What is Google AdSense and how can I earn with it?
Google AdSense is the best advertising network and they pay their publishers well depending on the location that click on the ads.
You might have heard getting AdSense is hell, well its not as they make it sound but not easy either. Before applying for AdSense make sure you blog is well optimized, clear nagivation, quality and original content, no copyright, good organic and unique traffic not bot traffic, and it has about us, privacy policy, and contact us on the footer or on top then you can apply, you read more about their application policy. They are also different adnetworks out there that are good also, you can try them make sure you don't apply for AdSense with another ads in your blog, Google are very jealous so its not advisable.

You can also earn with direct advert, that's people or company contacting you to advertise on your blog, this happens when you have good traffic and you can even dump AdSense if they pay better.

Now you can see that blogging is still profitable and it can become a full time job.