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How to write that perfect article to rank on search engines


May 17, 2017
I visit a lot of blogs daily and I read their article, I must say I'm not impressed with they way they compose an article. Compose an article that's interesting, something that will make your visitors wants to come back.

Well I am going to give you some guidelines to compose that perfect article for your blog.

Choose the best topic
Some topics are turn off, so make your topic interesting, something that will entice your audience to want to read it.

List out the content
Don't just go straight to the point, list out the content of the article so we will know what the article is about and will want to read further.

Be funny
Write something that will make your audience smile, it should be something relating to the topic.

Use images
Pictures makes an article cool, in case you don't know, pictures serves as pause because when we get to the picture part we relax while looking the picture and continue. Picture also explains the article more better but don't use much of it.

Get to the point
Now tell us the reason why we clicked on the article, make it as understandable as ever.

Avoid long article
It depends, they are some articles that should be long and some that shouldn't. So you should know if the article is worth being long or short. Like me I don't read long articles unless the article is a history which should be written in full. If its tutorials, then don't prolong it because we are not interested in the words we are only interested in the solution, so we will looking for where you wrote "this is how it should be done".

The ending
Conclude the article with a beautiful ending like we are watching "Cinderella". Make ending enticing so we will come back next time for another article.

Me personally I bookmark such blog so I won't forget the URL.

Now you are done, go through the article, read it and correct the mistakes then publish it to the world and let search engine bot do the rest for you.