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How to write a good blog post with these steps


Jul 16, 2017
Writing a blog post is pretty much easy, PearStep community is going to teach you the best ways to write a blog post with ease and get ranked on search engines.

First Step
Knowing your audience

Before you write a post you must first know you audience very well and know the kind of posts that captivate them. It's very necessary to understand them before you create a post so you won't waste your time on post that won't rank and entice your audience.

Second Step
Use a captivating title and make it short

Title says it all, the title is what makes your audience click on the post to read it. If you don't use a nice title they won't click on it, the title of your post should be captivating and try as much as possible to keep it short, it should be below 80 words and above 25 words.

Third Step
Hook them with the first sentence

Some people easily gets bored when reading a post, so if your title attracts them and your first sentence isn't cool, trust me they will leave immediately and it will cause you bounce rate, which means they don't find the post interesting. Another thing that causes bounce rate is if your theme is not well optimize and loads slow. So make your sentence as interesting as ever.

Fourth Step
Shorten your sentence

Nobody wants to read a long post, so summarize your post with the keywords. Although some post are require to be long, most especially tutorial post so you can break it down to everyone understanding.

Fifth Step
Appearance and font format

The format of your post is also important, you know the default font is Arial Black which is very nice but you can choose anyother nice font of your choice. Punctuation mark and paragraphs should be well placed.

Sixth Step

Your conclusion should be like nuclear bomb, which will make your audience to communicate with you in your comment box. Make your conclusion as thrilling as ever, so your audience will be tasty for more.

So these are the steps to write a good blog post. Do register with us and enjoy all the privilege a registered member should enjoy.