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How to speed up your blog and make it seo optimized


May 17, 2017
The speed of your blog is very important for seo, making your blog seo optimized is not by installing the latest seo plugins, Seo plugins aids in making your blog easy to found on search engines.
Making your blog seo optimize is another thing entirely, you don't want a situation where crawler will come to visit your blog and your blog loads very slow. Trust me the crawler won't craw your blog because the time interval it should use to crawler has been taken by your blog loading performance. Once the crawler leaves it will find it hard to come back again.
So to make your blog seo optimize you have to follow the steps below.

Step 1

The speed of your blog is very important, you as a human when you visit a blog that loads slow, you won't visit that blog again same as crawler. So improve the speed of your blog, you can use AMP to boost the speed.

Step 2
Remove Unwanted widgets

Leaving unwanted widgets on your blog can slow down your blog because every widgets takes its own time to load, so try to remove unwanted widgets and also reduce your use widgets.

Step 3

Cache is very essential in blog because it helps your blog loads faster, I mean extremely fast. So I advise you get any cache plugin for your blog.

Step 4
Reduce http request

You might not know this but your share plugin also slows down blog. Although share plugin is very important in our blog so our visitors can share our post, so I won't ask you to remove it but I just want you to know.

Step 5
Minify CSS, JavaScript

Minify your CSS and JavaScript can boost your speed, you can use this plugin for WordPress users to minify your CSS and JavaScript.

After following these steps your blog speed will be as fast as FLASH :emoji_grin: and your seo will also increase because crawler will be able to craw your blog successfully with no stress. Please do register and reply this thread if you find this post useful.:emoji_clap:


Jul 28, 2017
Nice share bro, very helpful.

In addition, we should try to convert php codes which performs similar purpose always to static html code. This will save us unnecessary queries done by the bloated php thereby boosting the speed of our websites. For instance, instead of using this WordPress php code
<?php echo get_bloginfo( 'name' ); ?>
which renders the name of our websites, we could just replace it with a static html code or a simple text, eg
[/B]... That's because the php code does nothing peculiar, so why not just replace it with texts and avoid unnecessary queries?

My 1 cent contribution though. You have done an excellent job I must say.