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How To Rebrand Your Blog

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Sep 2, 2017
If you missed me last post "Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018" You can read it Here..

After seeing they needs to rebrand your blog ,the question 'how to rebrand your blog' comes to the table . You must be ready to make some sacrifice if you want to skyrocket your blog to the next level.
Everyday , Hundreds of people join the blogosphere with high hope but end up quitting before they even start. They truth is 1 out of 10 bloggers is likely to succeed, what happen to the remaining 9 ;

*Greed - You become greedy once the money starts coming,you stop posting quality contents, you don't check How you SEO is doing,you beg people to click your adverts instead of reading your posts.
You feel on top of the world once you get your very first $100.

*Indecisiveness - Ooh, I love this template,Woow what plugin is that, Oh My God your Logo is the best can you make one for me..What the heck, Blogging is all about been unique, if you can't be unique be creative , Look at people that make it and follow there foot steps.

* Lack Of Passion - Yes, any blogger who don't have passion for blogging will not last in the blogosphere and will likely quit at the edge of a breakthrough.There are many reasons but lets just stop here for now.

How To Rebrand Your Blog

How can you rebrand your blog? Well, You look at 7 reasons why you should rebrand your blog,we are also going to look at 7 Things That Needs Rebranding In your blog.

1. Know What Works For You and Your Blog - Before you rebrand your blog , you must first of all know what works for you and your blog . The niche you are operating on right now may not be working to good for you right now, so you either change it or it change you from a blogger to a blog reader.

2. You Are To Follow Your Passion - Don't blog about something you are not passionate about or familiar with, blogging about something related to your career or something you love doing is much easier and fulfilling.

3. Go For Quality Contents Not Quantity Of Contents - The quantity of your blog posts does not matter but there quality does. Having so many worthless posts in your blog is a problem but having 10 good post is all you need to get that breakthrough as a blogger. You don't need to be an english student to write great contents all you need to do is learn the basics.

4. You are good alone, But Its best to have An author, a mentor or a partner - No man is an island of.knowledge , you can't know it all.

5. Adapt To the new trends in the blogosphere - New techniques , new method have emerged , better technology are available don't deny your blog access to them. Things are meant to change even your blog.

6. Do That upgrade - your site is not secure? Get An SSL certificate, Your monthly bandwidth gets exhausted in time or your disk space is running out of space? Upgrade to a higher plan,You don't have a custom domain? Are you kidding me , Go get a domain right away.

7. Promote your blog - you can never have enough,blog promoting is one aspect of blogging that one needs to put more effort to, run Facebook Adverts,GuestPost,Share your contents On social Media and see what comes out of your hard work at the end of the day.

8. You May want to consider your theme (templates) - Noooo.... Nothing is wrong with me theme, is just that the related posts is not coming up something , What! And you said nothing is wrong with your theme, there are few and cheap templates out there that will make you, your blog and your readers satisfied. Haven't you heard that 'You can Judge A Book By it cover'.

Extra Tip
I use a secret recipe to get my blog where it is today,i am not yet there but i am positive that my blog is on the right path, I will share with you my secret recipe i call 'The 3P's : Recipe For Success' , Yes i know the name sounds rather funny but in this case you can't judge a book by it name.

The 3P's : Recipe For Success

1. Passion - Be passionate about what you do, this is applicable to not just bloggers but every one and in everything you do if the passion is not there the result will not be favourable.

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