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How to make money from links and comments you share


Jul 3, 2017

It is always disappointing owning and updating a blog daily without making any profit from it. Even though as a blogger, there are so many ways to monetize your blog, at times it seems we can't just lay our hands on those popular methods due to lack of traffic, little content or any other reason.

I have thought of this and noticed that it is one of the main reasons most new bloggers quit from blogging and that's why I've decide to share with you one of the methods I have been using to make money from my blog from just sharing links of my post and also through internal links in my blog posts.

This method of blog monetization through sharing of link don't require any technical skills or massive traffic to get approved. Al
Register and shorten the links to posts or pages of your blog or website with the website link shortener and once anyone clicks on the link you get paid.

Shorte.st is unlike other link shortner networks in different ways in that they pay high, have a good customer support service, low minimum payout of $5 and so on.

There are so many other ways you can earn money from Shorte.st which we can't just start discussing here. Some of them include,

• web site script
• blogger comment
• WordPress plugin
• Twitterfeed integration
• Social share widget
• Developer Api

How to add blogspot comment code in your blog

• After registering
• click on the navigation menu at top left hand side of the page
• Click on Earn on blogspot comment or website script
• copy and paste the code after Adding your site URL
• Paste the code below the closing tag of your header </head> in your blogger template.That is all check if it is working, if it is not let me know in the comment box or you can contact the Shorte.st team

Things to take Note of

• Although more shortened links means more money but it causes high bounce rate.
• Blogspot comment also causes bounce rate although brings more money

So don't ever complain again of not making money from your blog, because this is indeed a great way of monetizing your blog without stress.