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How to install play store and other Google apps on android device

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May 17, 2017
For those that wants to download and install play store and other Google apps on your phone, this tutorial is for you.
They are many devices without play store in them and you download them but it won't install because the phone wasn't built with it and you feel like breaking, throwing away the phone, don't worry anymore because I am going to teach you how to install it.

Before we start you must make sure your phone has been rooted and you have install custom recovery mode, if you haven't click here. After that then you follow these steps

1. Download Google apps (gapps) for your android device and version, search for gapps for your android version.

2. After downloading the .zip file on your PC, just plug your Android device with your PC and transfer the file into the SD Card of your Android device or you download it directly to your SD card if you don't have pc.

3. Next, reboot your device into the Recovery Mode.

4. Select “Install Zip” and then “Choose Zip From SDcard".

5. Browse and choose the GApps .zip file.

6. GApps installation will take a while after confirmation. Wait for the installation process to be finished successfully.

7. Finally, go back to the Main Recovery Menu and choose the “Reboot” option or “Reboot System Now".

Thats it, you have successfully installed GApps (Google Apps) on your Android device.

You might be thinking what is gapps, gapps is the abbreviation of Google apps and gapps contains all Google apps including play store, play music, play game, YouTube and the rest.

If you face any issue regarding this let us know and we will assist you.