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How to implement payment method logo in blog


May 17, 2017
Payment method.jpg
Many have been asking me how to put payment logo on their blog, So I decided to create this thread for them. This tutorial is for both skilled and unskilled, so whether you have knowledge of web developing or not you can implement this, but if you get confuse along the way, you can ask us we will assist you.

First we need the logo which you can download here. In the file they are many logo in it, so you can choose any of your choice and set it the way you want. In the file there is the PNG folder and PSD folder.

PNG folder is for those that wants to use other photo editing type like Corel draw, so you can import the PNG logo of your choice and set it the way you want. Make sure to save it as PNG and the background transparent.

For PSD is those that wants to use Photoshop, let's not go into details because I'm sure you can use Photoshop very well.

Now that you have save the logo. Its time to implement it in your blog.

First you need to upload the logo and copy the URL

<img src="Place the URL here">
Paste the code in your template, then save it, voila you have successfully added payment logo in your blog.

For those that want to know how to add store to their blog, you can read it here for blogger and for WordPress it here