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How to get traffic from Reddit


May 17, 2017
These tutorial is for those that wants to know how to get traffic from reddit without getting banned, Traffic from reddit is awesome because you can get more than 1000 traffic a day with reddit but the problem is how to avoid getting banned. That is not a problem because I am going to teach you the steps to take.

If you don't have a reddit, create one.
After creating the account, search for ASKREDDIT, subscribe to it and answer some questions you know there if your answer was cool people will like it and it will be added as karma.
Karma gives you permission to sub reddit, the more you answer the higher your karma.
You can also ask questions too and if they like the question it will also be added as karma.

Now lets go to the main event which is driving traffic from reddit.
First find the sub reddit relating to niche by searching for it and subscribe to it.
Go to your blog, copy the URL to the post, go back to the sub reddit you subscribed to, create a post. When creating a post you will see two options TEXT and LINK, choose link paste your URL and put the title and post it.
You can post many links but I advice twice a day to avoid being tagged as spam which will get you banned.

Please make sure your blog layout, design and post is intriguing to avoid getting bounce back, if you don't know what bounce back is, you can read it here.

If you have analytic you can check the traffic and you will be amazed.


Aug 18, 2017
I would like to add that "forum rules" apply. For anyone who may not understand what I mean, it is a long standing SEO practice that in order to use a forum of any type as a means of backlinking, you need to cultivate a presence there. It's not enough to simply show up out of the blue, spam your hyperlink, and disappear. Of course, we all wish it were that easy, but it will most likely get you banned by server staff or disliked by the very people you're trying to call to action.

By all means, identify the communities you wish to advertise in and build a repertoire. Introduce yourself and be polite. Make posts that are informatively valuable to readers who will never click a link back to one of your services. Remember that every post is an advertisement, but not every advertisement has your link. Your presence there is the advertisement itself so the frequency with which you reference your own services must come off as organic. Simply put, if your presence in that community would not seem natural even if you had no wares to hawk, then it is not a suitable presence to cultivate your user base with. No one likes a telemarketer, you know?

Simply apply these principals to Reddit then! Identify active subs which are fertile grounds for the demographic you're trying to attract, make sure to be a conscientious and valuable participant in that sub, backlink with care, and by all means keep you account in good standing. Don't be afraid to build up that karma first a little, either. Redditors see it as a vetting process for younger accounts to have at least a bare minimum amount of upvotes before they will consider your content to be valuable. Follow the advice Op and I have laid out for you and you'll find success. Just remember it tends to be a slow and cumulative process, and you'll do just fine.