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How to generate us address for online registration

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Jul 3, 2017
There are some certain online registrations that a only meant for
those in the United States. While in some other registrations,
those in the United States are more privileged. Hence, a U.S
address is needed for these registrations.
Some of the registrations include AdSense, Paypal, Payoneer, etc
So in today's tutorial, I will be teaching how one can generate
address from the United States because in this case, google
cannot help you. There is no how Google is going to give you
someone's address. If you doubt me, go search for an address
on Google, then return back to tell me your result using the
comment box.
How To Generate United States Address
Visit www.shoptomydoor.com
On their home page, a registrations form would be wainting for
you there. But if not so, click on the three bars at the top right if
your screen and click on join.
How To Register on Shoptomydoor.com
This is very simple.
Just fill in your first and last name.
Your email address.
Your phone number (in international format. Starting without the
normal zero).
Your Password which should consist of digits and alphabets and
should be at least 8.
Then Verify by retyping some numbers into a provided space.
Click on start shopping.
Alas! You have created your shoptomydoor.com account and
you're almost done.
After the registration, you'll be taken to a page and that is where
your U.S address is conveyed.
Now check under "My US Address" and you should see your US
Once your address is generated, write it down somewhere or
take a screenshot.
And you are now set for any online registration that requires a US
Note: In any online registration that requires address, You'll be
asked to put your zip code and state also.
So to know your zip code for the US address, check the address
you've written down, the last digits after a comma is your zip
And for your state, the last word before the zip code, is your
You're done!
This is what most Nigerian bloggers use in registering for foreign
The most interesting part of this game is that it works for two
other foreign countries and they are United Kingdom and China.
So To generate address for the rest two go back to that page
where you found your US address, click on the United States flag
and choose any other country you wish to choose and just above
it, your address for that particular country is displayed.
This is how far I can go with this tutorial today.
If you're not fully clarified, or you can't complete the registration
from your end, don't hesitate to inform me thought the comment
box below. Don't forget to share with your friends because they
need it too!
Rock your trick!