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How to Create Your Own Blogger Blog Favicon Image - PearVibes

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Oct 26, 2017

How can I ever create my own blog favicon? I know this question has been running through your mind, mostly the new bloggers get stuck with this issue. In this tutorial today, I will be teaching my fellow bloggers how to add favicon image on a blogger blog.

Maybe you have not heard of the favicon, but in this post, you will get to know about it and how to add it to your blogger blog. Before we proceed just get yourself a cup of tea and relax as we run through the article.


A favicon is a little image stuff like a logo that is attached to your blog URL, if you check my blog URL you will see a small "PV" image beside it, usually at the left. This is the symbol of my brand PearVibes. If you are blogging on the BlogSpot platform then you should have a default favicon which is a large 'B', this is for the blogger platform while WordPress shows as a large ‘W’. Below is the image of my blog Favicon.


If you don’t have a custom favicon yet, then you have a default favicon which is a large ‘B’ right beside your blog URL, same as the first image above. Many bloggers find it difficult to get their own blog favicon. Now, consider changing this default favicon to your own favicon for a more professional and nice look.

Now, kindly follow the steps below carefully in order to learn how to add this to your blogger blog:

How to Add Favicon Image in Blogger Blog for Blogspot Users

Step 1: Log in to your Blogger Dashboard.

Step 2: Click on Layout.

Step 3: Click on edit beside favicon, then select the image you want to make use of from your device. Note: You are required to make use of a square image, so to convert your image to a square image, kindly go to http://www.croppola.com, upload your desired image and crop it to the standard perfect required square size using the croppola tool and then save the cropped image on your device, (phone or computer).

Step 4: Finally, come back to your blogger dashboard click on Layout, go to Favicon and then upload the cropped image with the appropriate square size.

That’s all; I hope this helped you get your own Blog Favicon.