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How to build a e commerce site like jumia


May 17, 2017
People ask me regularly how to create a site like jumia, so I decided to create this post for them. Creating a site like jumia ain't the problem, the problem is do you have the resources to manage it.

I wanted to created a tutorial for it but i couldn't because it can be designed to the theme you use. If I create a tutorial on a particular theme it won't be cool because every theme comes with its own settings, the best I can do is to put you through the right path.

Jumia is built on Magento, its a cms script like the famous WordPress. Installation is the same process as installing WordPress that's if your host has pre installed it but if your host hasn't then you get it on their official site.

After installation, you want to upload the template you got, then go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento connect manager, it will ask you to log in again. Then you upload your theme in .tgz format, like in the image below

when uploading you will something like (cmd on PC) below the page.

When installation completes, it will notify you. Now to select the theme go to system -> design, it will open a new page click on Add design change, then select your theme default and save.

Go to System -> Cache management disable and enable all the files there so your theme will work perfectly....

For the customization your theme should have a documentation to guide you.

That's all

I'm sorry I couldn't get more screenshot so the post won't look scattered but I'm sure you can find way with the explanation.