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How to add store to WordPress

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May 17, 2017
Creating a store with WordPress is not difficult, it can be done in 10 mins or less...

First we are going to need a plugin which is below this thread.
Then install the plugin.

Now the set up
Create a page named shopping cart in your WordPress. Go to the plugin settings and copy the shortcode under example shopping cart shortcode usage and paste it in your newly created shopping cart page.

Go back to your settings and configure the necessary details you wish to configure like PayPal email, currency can be change to NGN and the rest....

Create another page to automically thank your customer and copy the URL, go to the plugin settings and paste it in redirect URL.

To configure to buy button you can search for buy button image on Google, upload it in media, copy the URL and paste it in add to cart button text or image.

Now you've done all that... Its time to put the buy button in the products....

Go to the plugin settings and copy the code under example add to cart button short code usage and paste it under the product.
Change name to the product name and change the price to the product price.

Note: payment can be done using PayPal or credit card

That's it... Do ask us any question you don't understand in our question and answer section.