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How I Reduced My Adsense Page Ctr From 7% to 2%

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Jul 3, 2017
Most of us do complain of high ctr on our adsense which
normally grows from 2% to 5%, 10% to 200% and above.
It is good to bear in mind/know that high ctr can get your
Adsense account suspended or disabled. I applied some tactics
which Reduced my ctr from 7% to 2% within 1 week and i
wanna share it with you all out there. Are you a victim of high
This post is for you to learn how i worked on my ctr and got a
good result.
Sorry i couldn't copy and paste it here.... But you can read with this link, comment and also share your tips.....
How My Adsense Page CTR Was Reduced From 7% To 2% - PearTrend

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