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Help How do I make a blog rank on keyword


May 17, 2017
I asked this question yesterday but no one answer because they don't have an idea. Well this community a place to learn, so I'm going to show you how to rank on a keyword.

Website Age
The truth is the age of your website/blog matters, it's important on ranking but that shouldn't be a problem because with the other steps, you can rank on a keyword.

Create your audience list
Its very important to have your audience in different place like social medias.

Choosing that keyword you want to rank on
You are not the first neither will you be the last person that wants to rank on that keyword, So you have always monitor your competitors to know what makes them rank higher than you on that keyword.

Choose a keyword relating to your website/blog
You have better chances if your keyword is related to your blog, so make sure your keyword is related to your blog, not outside your blog.

Title & Meta tags
Always make sure your keywords are in the title of your post because its very essential and it help increase your rank, and also help your post appear easily on search engines when someone searches for that keyword.
Meta tags although Google no longer rank with meta tags but its important to have one and also put your keywords in it.

These are things to do if you want to rank on keywords. I hope you find this post helpful.


Aug 18, 2017
The best pieces of advice I could give would be these:

- Chose your keywords and phrases thoughtfully. If you're trying to rank in a keyword related to dogs, don't aim for the word "dog" itself. The competition is too fierce and you'll never catch up to the few people who made it work for them years before you even thought to give blogging a go. Look for dog-related words and phrasing, such as maybe dog leashes, dog shampoo, dog health, dogs and fleas; stuff like this which naturally lend themselves to the potential to include meaningful affiliate marketing as a part of your financial strategy for your blog.

- Do not keyword stuff. I see this mistake a lot less than I used to, but it was surprising how long after the Penguin update people were still trying to write these brief 500 word blog posts with a grocery list of keywords whom were to be used 20 times! Google now sees keyword stuffing as spam and it may actually cause your content to be ranked lower in search results. A keyword is going to naturally appear a certain number of times in organic conversation, so that should be you aim and not some arbitrary keyword density ratio from outdated SEO practices.

- Tags. You need to make sure your title is conducive to your keywords. Likewise, relevant images should be tagged appropriately. I see this has already been covered well in another post so I'll leave it at that. Just know it is a meaningful metric you should be paying attention to, thus is bares repeating.