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Getting traffic from quora


May 17, 2017
For sometimes now people have been complaining on getting traffic, I have studied peoples want and needs in the blogging industries. Everyday new blogs are created but don't know how to drive traffic, I wrote about getting traffic using Facebook hashtags, reddit, news combinator and also steps to drive traffic.

Building backlinks is also a great way of driving traffic and boosting your Domain Authority (DA), but most people don't know question and answer platform like quora is a great way of driving traffic.

Quora gets over 1m daily visitors, people asks questions everyday on quora, depending on your niche as a blogger you should choose the category you wish to belong. Answer the questions you know and also leave a link to your post relating to the question. If you don't have post relating to the question, you can just answer the questions it will build your reputation on quora.

I personally have been doing this although I haven't visited quora in the past 3 months or so but I still get traffic from them for the questions I answered with my link. So quora is a good place to drive traffic to your blogs or websites.

To avoid getting bounce rate from quora, avoid using too much ads, malware ads, make sure your blog speed is perfect because nobody wants to spends minutes loading a single page, and have a well structured blog (easy to navigate).

Visit Quora today and enjoy unlimited traffic.

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