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Get upto 10,000 visitors using small hits

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Jul 3, 2017

The amount of people visiting a blog determines the success of the blog or website because the main purpose of building a blog is to engage with readers through articles you publish in your blog.

Generating this traffic which keeps a blog alive has always been a problem to many people. It has killed most bloggers dream and drove them out of the blogosphere because there is no need writing without having people to read what you have written.
Also visitors brings about efficient monetization of a blog or website. This is so because they are the ones advertisers will pay you as a blogger to showcase their products and services to but when they see that you lack enough visitors in your blog, they wount be encouraged to pay for any advertisement in your blog.

In the same way, Google AdSense which is one of the most widely used means of monetization a blog accept only blogs with enough traffic and search engine ranking for their advertisement.

So you have seen that indeed , traffic generation is seriously needed to ensure the success of your blog.

So that is why I decided to reveal to you one of the methods I use to generate steady traffic to my blog on daily basis.

One day I was checking notifications in my Facebook notification tab when I came across a post someone shared about traffic generation through Smallhits. I clicked through the link and found the solution to a problem I have been looking for a long time.

I registered with Smallhits and started generating traffic to my blog with it since then.

I know you might be wondering what is this smallhits all about but relax and read on as I have broken down everything you need to know about it below.


Smallhits is a traffic exchange system where you register and visit other sites and in return other people visits your site. It is just as simple as that.

When you register with Smallhits , you add your site or sites that you want to be sending traffic to in your dashboard.

Whenever you click on surf and visit other sites , the amount of time you spend determines the number of traffic that will be sent to your site.
You also have the chance to choose the length of time each visitor will spend on your blog. The maximum amount of time is 60seconds (1minute). It is advisable to choose the maximum amount of time 70seconds so as not to have a high bounce rate in your blog.

There is also an opportunity for premium members , that is you can pay for traffic to be sent to your blog without you having to visit other sites.

Also when you surf sites you also get real cash which you can cash out with your paypal account.

So register with Smallhits today and start generating enough traffic to your blog daily .

Note that the amount of time you invest in surfing other sites determines the amount of traffic that will be sent to your site , so always use your free time to surf other sites and generate traffic to your blog.

If you have any idea of smallhits or any other related share it below . Also drop your questions and suggestions below.