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Best compatible themes for website or blogs


Jul 3, 2017

Searching for information is no longer confined to people with a PC or a laptop. With then number of smartphones hitting the market, searching for information has gotten easier, and more people are hooking onto this trend.

Website owners, however now has a new task at hand. Since, the smartphone has a smaller screen, website owners have to make sure their sites are mobile-friendly as well.

Here are a few mobile compatible themes for websites

This is a WordPress theme and free. You would think it wouldn’t have a lot of features to support. Au contraire, this theme has a particular system, i.e. a grid like one which makes it easier for your website to adapt to any screen size. It gives you full CMS control, and allows you to upload your logo too. With 9 page templates, 6 template layouts, 4 menu positions and 11 widget areas, this theme is sure to make your website look impressive.

WOW! mySite

Another WordPress theme made for smaller screens like that of a mobile, this site has many page templates and you can also choose between the 9 customizable pre-set fonts and color schemes. It’s easy to work with; anyone can operate it and create a mobile version of their website. Configure the theme, upload the logo and voila! You’re ready with a mobile friendly different yet still similar to the original website.


Any phone you see today is a smartphone and mostly a touch optimized one right? Built on this premise by jQuery Mobile brings to you Mobilise with a touch optimized website for the touch phone. This theme features a contact form, videos, touch-optimised gallery, blog, and over 24 transitions. They have about 4 colour schemes, but you can always personalize it with their theme options manager.

Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond theme is perfect for a professional website or your company’s site. You can manage each page of your website with their ‘Page Builder’ option, and also control all the components of your website right from the design to colours used. This WordPress theme is easy to operate and simple to design with, giving your site a subtle elegance.


Responsive, flexible and bursting with options, the Avada theme is simple and easy to work with. With around 500+ Google fonts, colours, sidebars and amazing features plus it is SEO optimised. Translation ready, flex slider plugins and portfolio and blog layouts – these are just some of the features the theme offers. While it comes to personal or professional, Avada is a great theme to design your website.

A theme plays an important role in how your website looks, and we know the first impression of the visitors is probably the last impression they’ll get. They’re not going to sit and wait for your theme to get better. Instead, when you’re creating a mobile version, make sure the theme used is good. Think about what you like to see in a site and ask for opinions and work on that. You’ll benefit greatly.


Aug 9, 2017
Every website or blog needs an identity and a great template is essential in this process to stand as a reference (obviously, for anyone who has a project that wants to stay alive for a long time).

I already knew some of those options that you mentioned (and they are great!)... The ones that I don't know yet, I'll test.