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Are you confuse on the niche to blog?

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May 17, 2017
You want to blog but you are not sure on the perfect niche for you. I am going to break it down for you.

Choosing a niche in blogging its your choice because only you and you know yourself best and what you like. So choosing a niche depends on you.
They are different types of niche but the question people ask me frequently is which niche pays better.
The niche that pays better is
  • Health
  • Insurance and finances
  • Technology
  • Seo and blogging tutorials
I know you were expecting entertainment, the truth is that entertainment is full of copyright, and it doesn't pay well unless you have direct advert but if it is to earn much with AdSense then its not a great choice and personally I don't see entertainment as a niche because there is nothing much to do in it other than to gossip.
Don't choose any niche you don't know well because of the profit, trust me they will come a time when you will be out of ideas, and it won't be good for you, your visitors and readers because you won't be updating frequently again. Most times this makes people to switch niche that why in some technology blog, you will see music in it. What the hell is music doing in technology blog.

So be wise on choosing niche, all niche pays its just that some niche are higher than others.