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Amazing Image Processing Projects with Python

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Sep 4, 2017
Port Harcourt
Do you know OpenCV, Machine Learning and Image Processing and you find it difficult to come up with cool amazing projects?

Today’s guest, Dibakar Saha(a.k.a EvilPort) talks about his image processing and machine learning projects.

Basically, he is a beginner in Python with experience in Image Processing and a little bit in machine learning.

He has designed a very simple classification programs like spam detection and sentiment analysis using machine learning in Python.

Using image processing he has also designed a very simple gesture recognition system. He has also designed a gesture-driven keyboard. And presently he is working on an app that he calls NFS Most Wanted 2013 Remote, that can control the cars in the game using your phone’s accelerometer.

In this interview, EvilPort was able to share his programming experience, he gave an insight of how he overcame the difficulty of coming up with amazing projects, and less I forget;

He also revealed some tips that will help a lot of programmers out there, especially the newbies.

Message me for the link to the interview.

Here are demo videos of his projects.