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May 17, 2017
We have upgraded our advert plans and placement, we now offer Banner Ads, Text Ads, Sticky Ads And Keywords Ads. I am going to explain them.

1. Banner Ads
We all know what banner ads is, the interesting part of our banners ads are it is automatic, it adjust to any size of device used to visit the community. We have two types of banner ads, which are Top Ads and Footer Ads.

Top Ads
which shows in every top part of the forum.
Footer Ads also shows in every footer part of the forum.

2. Text Ads
Instead of using banner, if you don't have any banner, you can use text ads but this shows only in posts. We have two types of text ads which are Above Post Text Ads and Below Post Text Ads.

3. Sticky Ads
This is type of ads that shows on the forum categories but you get to choose the particular section you want it to show. Example pearstep.com/forums/music.63/

4. keywords Ads
This is the most interesting one, if you use keywords ads, your link automatically insert itself in that keywords, example you choose SONG as keywords any post there is SONG in the content, your link automatically insert itself in it. When creating the ads you are allowed to use three keywords, so you have to choose wisely.

These are our ads format but we are working on creating more formats.
All our ads format are very responsive and the amazing part of it is you can pause your ads but for only 7days, you can also choose the countries you wish you view your ads.

Note: We only Accept bitcoin as payment for now but we are working on other payment method. For those in Nigeria can pay through bank payment, for foreigners we accept only bitcoin for now.

All our ads format are $1 per day for the first 20 people to advertise with us.

To Advertise visit https://pearstep.com/advertising

For those that wants to pay through bank, start a conversation with @Life

Thank You
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