6 Reasons your blog sucks and fail


Reasons why your blog sucks is because you are not getting it right, all you need is coaching and guide we are here to help on that. They are pretty much many reasons why your blog sucks, I am going to list them out and explain them then you can know the your blog is not the right traffic and audience or even earning.

1. Look/Design
You will not like to visit a blog and its scattered, no easy navigation, not mobile friendly, not responsive. You should have a simple pretty template for your blog and arrange your post.
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2. Backlinks
Most people neglect the usefulness of backlinks. Backlinks helps you get traffic and also increases your domain authority most especially if the backlinks is from high page rank blogs. So you should always build backlinks for your blog.
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3. Niche
Jack of all trade is master of none, sometimes when I visit some blogs, I will see music, videos, news, technology, sports, blogging tutorial, seo, fashion etc in a blog. Such blogs never go far, the owners get frustrated that's why you will hear people saying all rubbish about blogging. Please you should a niche, let people know you for particular something so they can't forget your URL. Like your blog is all about games, when someone needs game he/she will remember your blog because you have been known for it. Having a niche is very important.

4. Time/schedule
Know your audience very well, know when best to post on your blog maybe twice a week, just know the perfect time for your audience.

5. Share your post

Most people don't know why they share button on their blog, how do you expect your audience to know you have created a new post if you don't share it, please do share your post its very cool and it gets you traffic and even new audience daily.
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6. Too much ads
Me personally hate pop up ads, so avoid some ads because they kill blogs, and slow down your blog. Choose the perfect ads for your blog and reduce the placement, don't put too much ads in a page.

These are probably the very much reason your blog sucks, so please do change your view of blogging and you will succeed in it.


7. Have patience. Some bloggers that started today would be expecting millions tomorrow and once this does not happen, they begin to complain. They forget that patience is the watchword as far as blogging is concerned.