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5 Destructive you must stop doing if you want to be successful in blogging


Sep 8, 2017
When it comes to blogging in Nigeria,I can
really tell you that only few who have the
passion for blogging succeed. It obvious that
blogging is becoming lucrative but yet many
bloggers don’t really know why they are into
blogging. Blogging is far beyond getting a
domain and then you are set,if you see
blogging this way,then you are doom to fail.

Back to my topic..like I earlier said only few
who are into the game of blogging
succeeds,these set of indiviuals knows what
they are doing;why they are here,and they
know what they want when it comes to
blogging. I call these set of guys “The game
masters” …Because they are always
successful and remain on the top of the
bloging game.

Today I will be sharing with you why some
guys (bloggers) fail in their game of blogging:
These guys who fail or are still failing but
right before they ventured into blogging they
had the passion and the enthusiasm towards
blogging but along the line these possessions
dies in them.What actually happened that
made them loose focus? Now lets look at
what really happened:

1.They where TV addicts
You want to be a blogger but you are always
at the front of the tv watching movies that is
irrelevant in your field.. Guys that wants to
be successful are not TV addicts. They
hardly spend their time watching tv. As a
blogger you need to watch some important
movies and pro grammes but never over do
it. Always know when to watch the Tv,so that
you won’t ruin your blogging career by your
own self.

2.These set of guys sleeps a lot
Successful bloggers who are into the game
of blogging today will tell you that they
sometimes keep night vigils just to achieve
their goals and objectives. As a blogger do
you keep night vigils to fix that seo problem?
everything in life comes with a price,for you
to get these tings,you must be willing to pay
the price.Do away with excesive sleep if you
want to be a serious blogger.

3.These set of failed bloggers party/club alot
Sometimes it is good to be social/jovial as a
blogger but not when you have serious work
to do on your blog. Most flourishing bloggers
that i know hardly attend parties/clubs. If
they do,then it’s once in a blue moon.
Upcoming bloggers who wants to be serious
and committed must learn from this. Am not
saying that you shouldn’t be social but don’t
over do it ,most especially when it consumes
your time.

4.These set of failed bloggers are just lazy
They are just after the money and other
privileges that comes with blogging but they
are not willing to pay the price. They hardly
update their blog simply because they are
lazy,these set of guys would always wait
when a blogger update his site, then they
stumble upon their content,do copy and
pastethem on their blog,but one thing they
fail to realize is that copy and paste could
sometimes be a destructive weapon that kills
a blog faster than fustration.

5.The failed bloggers are too busy to learn
the rules
As a blogger when was the last time you
went on research concerning a particular
thing about blogging? You must be willing to
learn if you want to be successful in your
blogging career. aBlogging is a school where
you learn and learn and you will be tired of
learning. The more you advance in your
blogging career,the more you should be
willing to learn….
Some Destructive Things You Shouldn't Be doing If You Want To Be Successful in Blogging - LIVELYINFO.COM