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4 misconceptions women have about marriage

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Jun 22, 2017
Marriage is such a beautiful thing. It is the collision of worlds and melting of hearts. However, a good number of us have the wrong notion about this beautiful institution. I earnestly hope that you don’t think any of these too.

1.Marriage is the pinnacle of womanhood
The way our society has fashioned it, girls grow up dreaming of marriage and so when they attain a marriageable age, it is all that they desire. They believe it confers a title on them, forgetting it is an added responsibility. They fail to see that it is not being married that should earn them respect, rather, it is the kind of women they are.

2.Free ticket for sex
Too many ladies, not just men, rush into marriage because they want to get action on the regular and they don’t want society to frown on them. However, they forget that marriage exists outside the bedroom as well and if it doesn’t work out there, then it can also fail in the bedroom.

3.Someone to pay the bills
As a woman, I am embarrassed to admit that there are actually ladies who just want to marry because they want to dump the weight of their bills on someone else since custom dictates that the man must provide for the home. Ladies, women are meant to be helpmeets in EVERY way to the men, including finances.

4.Being a homemaker makes one a good wife
This could not be farther from the truth. While being able to take care of the home is an added advantage, of what value is a woman who can cook, clean and cater if she does not know how to be a true partner on all fronts to her man? Isn’t she as good as just a maid?