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10 kissing tips to be a pro kisser


May 17, 2017
1. Keep Your Breathe Fresh
Kissing means interlocking lips and breathing into each others mouth. You may be a good kisser but bad breath can kill that moment for your partner and ruin the kiss. Make oral hygiene your best friend and freshen up for that magical moment. A clean breath will guarantee you a longer and more passionate and intimate kiss.

2. Prep Your Partner For It
Don’t just jump into a kiss. It could be a first date or even a third, if you want to kiss your partner, prep them up, build the moment. However, make sure you don’t keep your partner anticipating forever and losing interest. Eye contact, intimate conversations etc. are all ways you can build the moment towards the kiss.

3. Speak With Your Eyes
A kiss involves the lips so obviously you can’t talk. That moment before the kiss actually happens is very critical. Speak with your eyes, seduce your partner with them and draw them into it. Half way into the kiss, you can also pull away just a little and look into the eyes of your partner. Let them radiate love, intimacy and passion before locking lips again. Be alluring with your eyes, simple.

4. Kiss People You Like
Kissing involves two people and a perfect kiss involves attraction and intimacy. Therefore, imagine what will happen if you kiss somebody you really like; all your senses and hormones will respond and that’ll make it a mind blowing kiss.

5. Don’t Rush, Easy Does It
Don't rush a kiss like it’s some marathon you want to complete, take it easy, explore, follow your partners kissing style, aggression and passion. Kissing is not an environment to show who is boss, don’t be overly aggressive, don’t be in a haste as if you want to do it quickly before your partner changes his/her mind. Easy does it.

6. Control Your Tongue
Passionate kissing involves lots of tongue action. Tonguing makes a kiss intimate but same can make it horrible. Don’t fill your partner’s mouth with your tongue and don’t go on a poking tour in her mouth with your tongue. Use your tongue to explore her mouth sensually. Run it along the upper part of her mouth and between her lips and teeth. Make it as romantic as you can and you’ll feel the fireworks.

7. Pay Attention To Your Surroundings
Surroundings add a touch of intimacy to a kiss. Be it under the tree, under the stars, in the rain or anywhere special, surroundings can affect how intimate a kiss will be. Because your eyes are closed during a kiss, your other senses become sharp and you’ll hear and feel things around you more clearly. Imagine kissing at the beach at night and hearing the sound of the tide on the shore with the cool air blowing around you. That’s sensual AF.

8. Be Spontaneous
Even though #2 says you need to prep your partner for a kiss, sometimes the best thing is to be spontaneous, catch your partner off guard and deliver a kiss and that could make it wonderful. They not expecting it doesn’t mean they haven’t thought about it, so when you catch them off guard, it’ll set their hormones on the fast lane.

9. Keep Saliva In Check
I know a girl who is now so much off kissing simply because her previous partners flooded her mouth with so much saliva when they kissed. Deep kissing involves the exchange of saliva but that doesn’t mean flood your partner’s mouth with saliva or turn her mouth into an ocean. Control your saliva just like your tongue. You’re kissing, not trying to drown somebody.

10. Touch
The action is on the head but don’t just hold your partners head in your hand and kiss. Make use of your hand and touch the neck. For guys, you can even run your fingers through her hair, hold her waist etc. For added intimacy, pull them close while kissing.


Aug 10, 2017
Personally, my tip for being a great kisser is to remember that a kiss involves more than you mouth, lips and tongue. Kissing is an experience and involves your whole body. As such you gotta make sure to use your whole body. Caress your lady pull her closer to you, run your fingers through her hair, rub her neck. Make sure to use everything you've got.