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  1. sunny

    Attachment of file when creating a post on xenforo site

    please @Life and all help! I cant attach a file when am creating a post on my xenforo site. it show like a file that is cancel with a cross mark on it. Any solution please?
  2. Life

    [Shared] Xenforo 2.0 beta free download

    Last time i shared the latest and last version on xenforo 1.5 family which you can get here, today i am introducing you to Xenforo 2.0. Note: xenforo 1.5 addons and styles wont work on this version of xenforo
  3. sunny

    how do i move recent post bottom to the top on xenforo?

    i have been battling on how to move recent post from bottom to the top on my homepage. please @Life and others help
  4. Life

    Xenforo 1.5.15 full and upgrade file shared for pearstep members

    this is the latest release on xenforo 1.5 family but now they have officially release xenforo 2.0, so i am sharing the version 1.5.15 file to all pearstep members and to those that already has xenforo installed, download the file and follow the steps here to upgrade. @sunny you are the main...
  5. Dhray

    Help How to display similar thread

    hello guy , i would like to ask if anyone has a xenforo addon to display similar threads on thread page , thanks in advance. @Life
  6. Ewap

    Free Xenforo PHP Script For Download

    We all love free things. Just decided to share the download link to the popular xenforo forum software. Just shared this for practice purpose, if you need a clear one with no bugs, I'd you get the paid one. Download Here or Here