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  1. Life

    Wordpress Automatic Plugin by ValvePress 3.36.0

    Wordpress Automatic Plugin is a plugin created by ValvePress to make blogging easier, this plugin auto post for you from RSS feed of other website. For more details on its features, visit this link. This file has its documentation for setting it up. Happy Blogging ;)
  2. Life

    Hide My WP Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress by wpWave 5.5.5

    Hide My WP is the wordpress security plugin so far, this plugin has been featured on codecanyon. So i advice you get this plugin and use it for your security. This is another great plugin shared by pearstep, please we urge you to leave a reply. For more details, visit this link
  3. Life

    Newspaper 8.5.1 Wordpress theme by tagDiv 8.5.1

    Today i am sharing the latest newspaper theme by tagDiv which was recently updated to 8.5.1 on 6 of December 2017. Newspaper theme has been the best selling wordpress theme, most people love the theme but can't buy it because there is no money, well this is for you from we at pearstep. This is...
  4. sunny

    how do i add reply to comments on my wp blog

    pls how do I add reply to comments on my wp blog? @pearstep and others help.
  5. S

    Wp masters come in please

    Please how can I upload my post file xml through file manager in cpanel Or how to reduce the xml file size mine is 4.98 or how to import post with URL link .....
  6. Alvin

    How To Create A Sub-Domain In Cpanel

    Hello friends, welcome to Pearstep Community. In this post I am going tell you how to create subdomain in Cpanel. You need a subdomain if you are thinking to start a forum for your website. Subdomain makes a good role in your website development and it visitors. For a forum for your website you...
  7. Alvin

    How To Optimize Your Wordpress Blog For Seo

    Does it really make sense to have a beautiful blog with well structured layouts that is not SEO optimized? Search engines like Google care less about the beauty of your blog design. Instead, they care more about your alt tags, file names, keywords, and hundreds of other really, really boring but...
  8. Alvin

    Premium Education WordPress Theme

  9. Samuel

    How to Create Your Own Blogger Blog Favicon Image - PearVibes

    How can I ever create my own blog favicon? I know this question has been running through your mind, mostly the new bloggers get stuck with this issue. In this tutorial today, I will be teaching my fellow bloggers how to add favicon image on a blogger blog. Maybe you have not heard of the...
  10. Life

    Important plugins every WordPress user should have

    Most people believes that you need much plugins to run wp, they got it all wrong. You don't need much plugins. You install only the necessary plugins you need, hey! Its your choice because you alone knows the features you need. WordPress has been considered as the best blogging platform because...
  11. Ewap

    Plugin For Faking Pageviews On A Wordpress Site

    Special thanks to the developers of this plugin cause they have helped you in decieving your visitors :D Below is a list of things you could do with this great plugin, fon't see this as cheating, but a good marketing strategy. It works until they request for your real google analytics stats ;D...
  12. Life

    Blogger and WordPress which has the perfect seo

    When I see questions like this, I always ask myself why will someone compare those two, then I will say to myself probably he/she is new to blogging. Now to answer the question without long story, WordPress has the perfect SEO because it allows you to customize it yourself and they are plugins...
  13. Life

    How to use AMP on Yoast seo

    A lot of people are using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) on the websites most especially WordPress, so I am not here to teach you how to use AMP because I am sure you know how to do use it but if you can't reply this thread and I will guide you. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to...
  14. Life

    Steps to Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS

    You have probably check your page speed on Google page speed and the speed is poor. It says "Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content", this is where most people gets confuse. That is why we are here, we at PearStep Community are here to make blogging easier for...
  15. Life

    How to add like button to WordPress comments

    Have you thought of implementing like button in your WordPress comment but don't know how. That's why we are here, we at PearStep Community are here to make blogging easier and fun for you. In this tutorial I am going to show you how to implement it. First you need to download this plugin...
  16. Life

    How to add category in your URL and make it seo friendlier

    I saw people asking about this in Facebook groups, pages and even people ask me how to remove the date from their WordPress URL and make it url/category/postname, so i decided to create this tutorial for them. It is not as difficult as you think, infact it is very easy and I am going to teach...
  17. Life

    How to implement payment method logo in blog

    Many have been asking me how to put payment logo on their blog, So I decided to create this thread for them. This tutorial is for both skilled and unskilled, so whether you have knowledge of web developing or not you can implement this, but if you get confuse along the way, you can ask us we...
  18. Life

    Autoshare your blog post (wordpress/blogger)

    It can be very stressful to share your post on social media after creating a posts on your blog. So I cooked up this tutorial for you. So everything is done automatically. Blogger does not have any plugin unlike WordPress which I am going to upload the plugin below this post. For blogger you...
  19. Life

    How to add store to WordPress

    Creating a store with WordPress is not difficult, it can be done in 10 mins or less... First we are going to need a plugin which is below this thread. Then install the plugin. Now the set up Create a page named shopping cart in your WordPress. Go to the plugin settings and copy the shortcode...
  20. Life

    How to get Smush Pro plugin free

    If you have the free Version and you want to convert your WordPress Smush Free Version to Pro then please follow the below instructions to make your free version to paid version for free without losing any functionality. Thus read the given guidelines carefully. Go to WordPress Repository and...