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  1. abdegenius

    Free HTML Courses For Beginners 2017

    Hi ! My name is Abijah Johnnie (Ab) but they call me Abdegenius , i will be your guide in this epic journey into the world of HTML and hopefully CSS and JavaScript. Yes, I am doing this because i feel blessed to learn HTML myself so i want you to feel thesame and i am also doing this as a...
  2. Life

    6 Reasons your blog sucks and fail

    Reasons why your blog sucks is because you are not getting it right, all you need is coaching and guide we are here to help on that. They are pretty much many reasons why your blog sucks, I am going to list them out and explain them then you can know the your blog is not the right traffic and...
  3. Life

    Start a blog with no money

    Few days ago a guy told me he wants to start blogging but don't have money to start, then I referred him to blogger because its a free platform, all you need is just a custom domain and a niche. To start a blog first, you need to know the type of blogging platform we have, you can read it here...