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  1. Life

    Getting traffic from quora

    For sometimes now people have been complaining on getting traffic, I have studied peoples want and needs in the blogging industries. Everyday new blogs are created but don't know how to drive traffic, I wrote about getting traffic using Facebook hashtags, reddit, news combinator and also steps...
  2. Ewap

    What Bounce Rate Means On A Site And How To Correct It

    I can't lie, I never knew the meaning of bounce rate until this morning. Just a quick meaning I found on Google... As you have read that long thing above, what do you understand? Well, you will answer that your self But from my understanding, if your site has a really high bounce rate, it...
  3. Life

    Content marketing vs paid traffic

    Its been a while since wrote, that's because I have been busy behind but I'm fully back. I am not going to emphasize much on content marketing because I have written about it, you can read it here. Most people don't know the difference between the two and some don't know about them. I am here...
  4. Life

    Get traffic to blog from news combinator

    Getting traffic to blog is every bloggers number #1 priority. Well they are many ways to get traffic to your blog, I written about few you can read them here. I want to write about another website where you can get huge traffic daily. NewsCombinator This website can get you thousands of...
  5. Life

    How to get traffic from Reddit

    These tutorial is for those that wants to know how to get traffic from reddit without getting banned, Traffic from reddit is awesome because you can get more than 1000 traffic a day with reddit but the problem is how to avoid getting banned. That is not a problem because I am going to teach you...
  6. Life

    Tips of driving traffic to blog

    Are you having trouble getting traffic to your blog? Well I'm also having the same issue but I have discover a way and its working effectively for me. Here are the few things you need to do to get traffic to your blog. 1) Quality post Getting quality post its pretty hard these days because...