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  1. Ewap

    7 programming languages that every developer should learn in 2018

    Software development is a dynamic field, in which new programming languages, frameworks, and technologies may live and die within a few years. That being the case, developers need to constantly learn new skills to remain relevant, Speros Misirlakis, head of curriculum at Coding Dojo, wrote in an...
  2. Life

    What should we know about Python Programming

    @Godson I have been observing from high places, I visit your blog daily and discovered your love for Python is unmeasurable. When "Night Out With" kicks off, you will be the first to be interviewed because I want to know you more. So if I am to study the language, what should I know before...
  3. Godson

    Object-oriented Programming In Python(A more simplified and thorough guide).

    Dramatically improve your skills with this simplified but more thorough guide on object-oriented programming in Python. A PDF version is available in the tutorial including code snippets. Here is a cheat sheet of the tutorial. Object-Oriented programming in Python Cheat Sheet. – Infographic...
  4. Godson

    How to contribute to Open Source Projects?

    In this post: Julien Danjou Talks About OpenStack, Gnocchi (Open Source Projects.) Julien Danjou said the following: I wish there was some magic recipe, but I don’t think it’s the case. What you want is to have a place where your users can feel safe reporting bugs. Include a template so they...
  5. Godson

    Python books you should read.

    When it comes to Python books for people with little or no programming experience I recommend: Python_tutorial from Tutorials point. It is where you can learn Python from scratch. Their PDF book is free to download and I provided the link to download it in this post. The book is based on Python...
  6. Godson

    Python programmers hello.

    Hi, Am Godson, the founder of www.coolpythoncodes.com I hope to have a lovely experience here.
  7. abdegenius

    Some Programming Languages And Their Applications - Programming 101

    Welcome to our series of 'Programming 101' today we are going to discuss on some programming languages and their uses (applications) Lets get started.. Before we proceed look and the image below. You can remember in our last discussion we talked on learning the basics , well the image...