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  1. Life

    All in One seo pack pro Wordpress Plugin 2.5.4

    After doing some researches and asking few people, I got to understand that most people still prefer AIO to Yoast SEO. Although I'm surprise but I decided to give the plugin a test and I must say its awesome with their new keywords features. So that is current plugin I'm using now and I don't...
  2. Life

    Yoast SEO premium Wordpress Plugin 6.1

    Everybody keeps talking of SEO but not sure on what to do about, this tutorial is for WordPress users. I am giving out Yoast SEO premium to all members of this community. I have been asked several times which is better YOAST and AIO. I keep telling people Yoast is ten times better because of...
  3. Life

    MonsterInsights Google Analytics Plugin 2018-02-01

    MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics plugin for WordPress.
  4. Life

    Wordpress Automatic Plugin by ValvePress 3.36.0

    Wordpress Automatic Plugin is a plugin created by ValvePress to make blogging easier, this plugin auto post for you from RSS feed of other website. For more details on its features, visit this link. This file has its documentation for setting it up. Happy Blogging ;)
  5. Life

    Hide My WP Amazing Security Plugin for WordPress by wpWave 5.5.5

    Hide My WP is the wordpress security plugin so far, this plugin has been featured on codecanyon. So i advice you get this plugin and use it for your security. This is another great plugin shared by pearstep, please we urge you to leave a reply. For more details, visit this link
  6. Ewap

    Plugin For Faking Pageviews On A Wordpress Site

    Special thanks to the developers of this plugin cause they have helped you in decieving your visitors :D Below is a list of things you could do with this great plugin, fon't see this as cheating, but a good marketing strategy. It works until they request for your real google analytics stats ;D...
  7. Life

    How to get Smush Pro plugin free

    If you have the free Version and you want to convert your WordPress Smush Free Version to Pro then please follow the below instructions to make your free version to paid version for free without losing any functionality. Thus read the given guidelines carefully. Go to WordPress Repository and...