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  1. Godson

    Where to find remote Python Jobs?

    Today on LinkedIn, Aditya thakekar asked an important question which was; Can you kindly guide me how to land a remote Python Job? In case you don't know what it means to work remotely, it means working somewhere other than in an office. Here was Cătălin Matei's answer to the question...
  2. Godson

    A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources.

    I just came across something awesome. A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources. In this list, you will find Libraries to manipulate audio Tools for managing, compressing and minifying website assets Libraries for fighting spam( for Django developers)...
  3. Godson

    The meaning of: :"if __name__ = "__main__"

    In my post, Object-Oriented Programming in Python, I introduced if __name__ == "__main__ to my readers. But, What is 'if __name__ == "__main__"' for? It is funny how some people will include that in their code and don't know it's functionality. Good news is that I will explain it to you...
  4. Godson

    Earn $5 now with your PayPal.

    To motivate you a little, TheBestVPN.com is offering $5 via PayPal to everyone who writes an honest, unbiased review for one of the VPN providers listed below: ExpressVPN Private Internet Access Buffered VPN IPVanish HideMyAss TorGuard SaferVPN Ivacy VPN HotSpot Shield VyprVPN NordVPN PureVPN...
  5. Godson


    There are some who do not see a complete three-square meal Some do not even know from whom to borrow While some have, some others really starve If you have got something sustainable in your pot please look out for those who do not, and do it without much thought. If you have many and...
  6. Godson

    4 Websites To Get Free High Quality Professional Pictures For Your Blog

    In the name of everything professional and to avoid copyright infringement, don't download pictures directly from Google to use for your social media posts or blog posts. These are 3 sites to download professional pictures for free. Just go to the site. Search for the particular keyword and...
  7. Godson

    What are double underscores called in Python?

    Double underscores are very popular in Python. Some special Class methods such as init and str start and end with double underscores. You can make a class attribute private by adding double underscores as a prefix after self. Funny enough, double underscores have a weird name known as dunder...
  8. Godson

    Free Python book for engineering students.

    I came across this awesome Python book for engineering students. The name of the book is: Programming for Computations – Python (A Gentle Introduction to Numerical Simulations with Python) Authors - Svein Linge and Hans Petter Langtangen This 244-page book is not only about numerical...
  9. Alvin

    Update On Alexa Ranking (Backlinks)

    After a long delay in updating the Backlinks of all websites, alexa has finally updated all. Rush now and check your Backlinks with Alexa ranking. You'll be happy to see a massive increase. PearTrend was 6 initially, now it is 23. Pearstep is soon to be updated... Check yours and drop Number...
  10. Alvin

    How To Create A Sub-Domain In Cpanel

    Hello friends, welcome to Pearstep Community. In this post I am going tell you how to create subdomain in Cpanel. You need a subdomain if you are thinking to start a forum for your website. Subdomain makes a good role in your website development and it visitors. For a forum for your website you...
  11. Alvin

    Competition Among Pearstep Community Members

    Hello Friends and well-wishers, after the initial competition of Pearstep blog of the month we came up with a winner being Harry. Now we are organizing another competition for TOP CONTRIBUTORS ON PEARSTEP COMMUNITY. We have set out a nice price for Pearstep top contributors. This will commence...
  12. Alvin

    How To Optimize Your Wordpress Blog For Seo

    Does it really make sense to have a beautiful blog with well structured layouts that is not SEO optimized? Search engines like Google care less about the beauty of your blog design. Instead, they care more about your alt tags, file names, keywords, and hundreds of other really, really boring but...
  13. Alvin

    Special Announcement

    Hello Pearstep members, am bringing this public declaration that we have choosen the Pearstep blog of the month's winner which will be announced on Monday being 30th and promotion starts on 31st counting from 1st of November to 20th of November.... Don't loose hope yet, you can still make us...
  14. Godson

    Top 3 Python Blogs in Nigeria.

    To be honest with you, There are not many Python blogs by Nigerians. But here are the few I have come across. #1 Geospatial Solutions Expert- A Geomatics Information Technology and Python Programming Blog by Umar Yusuf. On this blog you will find projects on Geomatics Information Technology...
  15. Godson

    This Machine learning Project will blow your mind.

    Knowing Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and data science is great. But coming up with useful projects can be a bit tough. Today’s guest, Michael Tesař, has done a lot of projects and he shares some of them with me. my favourite is the colour recognizer program he wrote. This...
  16. Alvin

    Latest InspiroBot: Generate Tons Of Unique Quotes

    InspiroBot. is an artificial intelligence dedicated to generating unlimited amounts of unique inspirational quotes for endless enrichment of pointless human existence. Url: InspiroBot
  17. Godson

    Dramatically improve your life with these 5 simple lessons from my dad.

    I have learned some much from my dad before I started studying chemical engineering. #1 keep your mouth shut and observe. That's why am quiet most of the time, am observing. #2 sketch sketch sketch. Whenever my dad wants to solve a problem, he would sketch. #3 practice practice practice...
  18. Alvin

    Special Announcement

    To all PearStep Community members, the campaign for Pearstep blog of the month is finally coming to an end. Remember the winner of the Pearstep blog of the month will be announced on 31st October and will be given free blog promotion for 20 days. Endeavor to drop your blogs if you are interested...
  19. Alvin

    How Fast Or Slow Is Your Website/Blog ?

    Please let's all learn to work on the page speed of our website. Whenever I visit certain sites, I tend to notice that the page speed of the website is slow. Such websites take time before opening and whenever I fall into cases like this, I just tend to press the 'back' button (especially if I'm...
  20. Alvin

    Kick Off: Pearstep Community Blog Of The Month

    Pearstep Community Blog Of The Month is now Open. Start submitting your blogs on the comment section for review. A winner must emerge from us :cool::cool::cool::cool: I want to see the competitors now:):)