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  1. J

    I want to know about the tutorials and learning portals online

    Hi friends I am Jack Jackson a Irish nationality but recently came England for higher studies and for the job. Here I am studying and I doing job as a junior content writer in a acadmic firm. recently I have got a VPN deals for unblocking the sites because in my university I was discussed my...
  2. Godson


    There are some who do not see a complete three-square meal Some do not even know from whom to borrow While some have, some others really starve If you have got something sustainable in your pot please look out for those who do not, and do it without much thought. If you have many and...
  3. вє๓є

    Get In! I Really Need Help.

    Good Day To All Pearstepers, i wish @Life was here, but am qoinq straight to the point. Well, for a while now. I have been tryinq to focus on coding and build a blog at Xtgem, but its hard for me to settle down and focus on it. So need you guys help by telling me what to do and concentrate...
  4. S

    Wp masters come in please

    Please how can I upload my post file xml through file manager in cpanel Or how to reduce the xml file size mine is 4.98 or how to import post with URL link .....
  5. Life

    Letter to all upcoming/old bloggers

    Don't keep your ideas to yourself, share it to the world but don't let the world know your plans. To me blogging has always been a source of inspiration it has helped my life in so many ways, most people don't see the light in blogging as I do, everyday you hear people saying never give up...
  6. Dhray

    Help How to display similar thread

    hello guy , i would like to ask if anyone has a xenforo addon to display similar threads on thread page , thanks in advance. @Life