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  1. Life

    Content marketing vs paid traffic

    Its been a while since wrote, that's because I have been busy behind but I'm fully back. I am not going to emphasize much on content marketing because I have written about it, you can read it here. Most people don't know the difference between the two and some don't know about them. I am here...
  2. Life

    Get cloud VPS hosting for free from Google

    I bring you good news Google now offers cloud vps hosting for a year free. So you can now host your website with them for free today. Just sign up for their free Cloud VPS hosting, they will request for your credit card details when filling the sign up form but they won't deduct anything, its...
  3. Life

    Seo eBook by Google

    Seo is the key to successful blogging because without seo your blogging career is waste, I got an seo eBook from Google and I am sharing it here for you all. The eBook will teach on how Google search engine works and every step you need to take to get to Google first page. This eBook was...