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  1. Life

    What should we know about Python Programming

    @Godson I have been observing from high places, I visit your blog daily and discovered your love for Python is unmeasurable. When "Night Out With" kicks off, you will be the first to be interviewed because I want to know you more. So if I am to study the language, what should I know before...
  2. вє๓є

    Get In! I Really Need Help.

    Good Day To All Pearstepers, i wish @Life was here, but am qoinq straight to the point. Well, for a while now. I have been tryinq to focus on coding and build a blog at Xtgem, but its hard for me to settle down and focus on it. So need you guys help by telling me what to do and concentrate...
  3. Godson

    Python programmers hello.

    Hi, Am Godson, the founder of www.coolpythoncodes.com I hope to have a lovely experience here.