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  1. Life

    On Page SEO tips for 2018

    SEO is the most important thing to all webmasters, everyone needs it but don't know how to go about it. I have written different topics regarding seo in this great community, i advice you go through our SEO section and read the threads created there. Today i am going to write about On Page Seo...
  2. R

    Best All In One SEO Meta Tags - Full SEO Pack For Blogspot 2018 Edition.

    Hello guys, thank you for visiting again. today am going to share with you how to optimize your blog. This focuses how to add SEO Meta Tags in blogger. This lesson contains full SEO pack that you need to get your blog appear at the First page of very search engine Users and Search engine got a...
  3. Life

    why your blog and blogging style should be unique in 2018

    Hmmm Christmas is almost here..... Wow I'm so happy lol Its been a while I've been on pearstep but I'm back now, thanks to all that was keeping the forum updated @вє๓є @abdegenius I thank you guys most especially....... I was expecting my Alexa to drop but It didn't.... Thanks once again...
  4. sunny

    5 Destructive you must stop doing if you want to be successful in blogging

    When it comes to blogging in Nigeria,I can really tell you that only few who have the passion for blogging succeed. It obvious that blogging is becoming lucrative but yet many bloggers don’t really know why they are into blogging. Blogging is far beyond getting a domain and then you are set,if...
  5. Godson

    4 Websites To Get Free High Quality Professional Pictures For Your Blog

    In the name of everything professional and to avoid copyright infringement, don't download pictures directly from Google to use for your social media posts or blog posts. These are 3 sites to download professional pictures for free. Just go to the site. Search for the particular keyword and...
  6. Obere_King

    Trending Tips To Successful Blogging

    Blogs can be a very marketable and very profitable tool if used correctly. Profiting from blogs is just a matter of grabbing the attention of an audience and not doing any actual salesmen selling. In this article you will learn the 13 most essential steps to successful blogging with follow up...
  7. M

    Super Seo & AdSense Top up

    Hello Pear Step Been Long av been away but was working on a Massive Uplifting for Blogger to change smiles on Their faces Now here is the deal I & my bosses have come up with a 1000% SUPER SEO traffic and AdSense top up but this is for only interested people only 1.For the SUPER SEO TRAFFIC...
  8. Alvin

    Blogging Mistakes That Every Beginner Makes And How To Avoid Them

    Needless to say, these days everybody wants to create an attractive, perspective and well-running blog, which will be quite popular. Still, beauty and power are not the only aspects you should remember about in order to set up the website that will be worthy of its visitor’s attention. Seeing...
  9. Harry hope

    Introducing Myself

    Hello Everyone. It's Nice Coming On Board Here. I Am Harrison Hope Oliaku. A Young Guy With Huge Ambition. Am A Blogger, A Writer, An Advicer/teacher. I Love Blogging About Relationship And Dating Advice And You Can Check Most Of My Contents On harryscope.com Am also a blog...
  10. Alvin

    How Fast Or Slow Is Your Website/Blog ?

    Please let's all learn to work on the page speed of our website. Whenever I visit certain sites, I tend to notice that the page speed of the website is slow. Such websites take time before opening and whenever I fall into cases like this, I just tend to press the 'back' button (especially if I'm...
  11. DexAntikua

    Make Cash Online As A Health Blogger

    You may wonder why I choose to share with you this article on How To Run A Health Blog And Make $200 Monthly.! Yes I agree that this figure is less indeed but basing with my facts,you will see full potential that the blog can make and have a second thought to launch your own blog. A couple of...
  12. Life

    What do you think about being a tourist blogger?

    Blogging is fun when you get fact yourself not when you see from somewhere else and copy. Me I'd love to become a tourist blogger because you learn and earn a lot. So what's your say about being a tourist blogger?
  13. Life

    What blogging problem are you facing now

    Today I'm in spirit, so drop all your blogging problems and I will try my possible best to fix it...
  14. Life

    Letter to all upcoming/old bloggers

    Don't keep your ideas to yourself, share it to the world but don't let the world know your plans. To me blogging has always been a source of inspiration it has helped my life in so many ways, most people don't see the light in blogging as I do, everyday you hear people saying never give up...
  15. Life

    Reasons why you should quit blogging

    I'm sure you will be like what the f***! Lol, this is me being sincere. As you know this is a blogging community, I must tell you the truth so if you fall in any of the categories, just quit blogging. If its affecting your studies, quit it If you are the copy and paste type, quit it If you...
  16. Life

    Where do you see yourself in 3years as a blogger?

    As a blogger, where do you see yourself in 3 years and how can we be of help to you to help you achieve that? Be honest with your answers.
  17. sunny

    tips you need to become a successful blogger

    Aside phone and computer,you need other this to be successful as a blogger. In these articles, I will be sharing 3 tips with you.Here are the tips: 1.You must make out time to learn from experts If you want to be successful,your first obligation should be to learn what you need to learn in...
  18. Life

    Worst Advice You've Ever Heard About Blogging

    They are a lot of advice bloggers get from different people, people give crazy advice to upcoming bloggers which most times scares them. I am going to list out few advice which you hear everyday and you are not obligated to follow them. 1. You must post everyday This is the worst advice ever...
  19. вє๓є

    What's Your Suggestion About This Free Blogging Server - Altervista.org

    Hello Guys, Whats your opinion About this Free hosting server called altervista.org? Well, to me all i know about it...is that it support plugins just like how the normal premium wordpress hosting server does...and it has 2gb storage space and unlimited bandth and Yes, you can earn from it...
  20. Life

    Obvious reasons why your blog stopped being indexed by Google

    Here is another tutorial from PearStep Community, are you wondering why Google stopped indexing your post even after using fetch as Google? Well worry no more because this is a blogging community where you get solution to your blogging problem. There is nothing like searching for your post on...