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  1. abdegenius

    Entclass Blog Templates Shared Free Download !

    Yes... As promised You can now download Entclass Clone Template 2017 V.1.0.0 Free... I Clone it my self it is not an exact replica but watch out for V.1.0.5 yes i will be giving it out for free to the general public so feel free to download and ask me question regarding any part you dont...
  2. abdegenius

    How To Rebrand Your Blog

    If you missed me last post "Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018" You can read it Here.. After seeing they needs to rebrand your blog ,the question 'how to rebrand your blog' comes to the table . You must be ready to make some sacrifice if you want to skyrocket your blog to the next level...
  3. abdegenius

    Why You Should Rebrand Your Blog In 2018

    Are you sure your blog have what it takes to make it through 2017 and possibly to 2018 and beyond? Do you want to still see 200 daily pageviews everyday in your Google Analytics Dashboard even in 2018? Do you really want to wake up everyday and write, share and promote your blog posts every day...
  4. abdegenius

    Official Glo Data 2017 , How To Get Double Data!

    We all know that Glo are the Grand Masters Of Data but are they really that good when it comes to data quality , price and quantity ? Lets take a look.. 3G-4G Plan Name > Price (N) > Data Volume N25 DATA PLAN > 25 > 10MB N50 DATA PLAN > 50 > 15MB N100 DATAPLAN > 100 > 35MB N200...
  5. abdegenius

    Get A Domain And Hosting for 2,450/Yr

    Yes it may be too good to be true both its true. Smartweb black friday is here again get a free domain and 30% off on hosting today. Free Domain - Yes [.com.ng , .org.ng, .i.ng] Disk space - 10Gb Bandwidth - 100Gb Sub domains - Unlimited Addon Domain - 5 MySQL Account - 5 Ftp account - 10...
  6. abdegenius

    Words And Symbols Associated With Programming

    Welcome back, today is our third discussion on the series 'Programming 101' our topic of discussion today is "Words And Symbols Associated With Programming" . If you missed our two (2) previous discussion in this series you can read them here : 1.Programming 101 : Getting Started With...
  7. abdegenius

    Some Programming Languages And Their Applications - Programming 101

    Welcome to our series of 'Programming 101' today we are going to discuss on some programming languages and their uses (applications) Lets get started.. Before we proceed look and the image below. You can remember in our last discussion we talked on learning the basics , well the image...
  8. abdegenius

    Best Adnetwork For New Bloggers - No Traffic Requirement

    Yes , I decided to promote nairapp today because they have proven to me with no doubt that they are the number one adnetwork in Nigeria . I had my first cash out with nairapp today , i was really not bothered of not been paid because there are lots of positive testimonies about nairapp out there...